Best View Of The Seattle Skyline: Kerry Park

Do you ever think? that A Park can be the center of best skyline view.

In this article, I will give you the complete overview about the best view of Seattle skyline from Kerry park.

Kerry park might be very famous and well known among locals but unfamilliar to those people who are from the another town. This park has the best view of the seattle skyline for whole day and night. Visitors have many options to see Elliot Bay and Mount Rainier along with Seattle skyline.

Best View Of The Seattle Skyline

how many skylines have you seen so far? you might be thinking.really? a park has best view of seattle? is that true ? hold on my friend, yes it is true.

Kerry park has a wondeful view of seattle, here you will enjoy the view of greatSeattle skyline, Elliot Bay and Mount Rainier. But if you really want to see the exact beautifull view then you should go on a clear day, clouds can ruin the view a little bit but it worth it.

My recommendation is for you, you should visit Kerry park at Sunset for beautifull ligh red, golden colored Seattle. Suppose that a city is tired of light red color, golden color, how beautiful is, isnt it. Arrived to Kerry park around golden hour and got some amazing shots of the skyline with some incredible colours.

Not only you will see Seattle skyline but also you will be able to enjoy the pretty sunset with your friends, family or maybe with your betterhalf.

You can also watch the beautifull view of Seattle skyline with lights at night. But you have to stay there for while.

If you are photogenic person or just loves the beautyful photos of views then this park is for you. You might see a few photographers with cheap rates in the park with their trypod or ther equipments to capture the perfect photo. you can go with that photographers.

Although, you and your mobile phone with little bit of editings can capture the prefect pretty spectacular picture. moreover, there is a scrupture in the middle of the park which is a 15 foot long.

The Kerry Park- Background

There is a question comes in our mind that how and why this park got its name as Kerry Park. So, here is the answer, The park is named after Albert Kerry and his wife Katherine. In 1927, Kerry park was constructed, with the main object, given a place where visitors can comes to enjoy the views of Seattle Skyline. Albert Kerry and his wife donated the land to the city of Seattle. Furthermore, the size of the park is round 1.26 acres.

Quick Facts

1. Kerry park is named for Albert Kerry, a Northwest lumberman.

2.Kerry park is located in the Queen Anne neighborhood, Seattle, Washington, United States.

3.The active hours of the park are from 6:00am to 10:00pm, and the enterance of the park is FREE

4.Sunset is the time to visit the park.

5.Kerry park offer not only the views of Seattle skyline but also offer the view of Mount Rainier and Elliot Bay(on a cloud free day).

Opening Hours and Entrance Fee

Opening hours: 6am to 10pm
Entrance fee: none
First, The opening hours of Kerry park is from 6:00am to 10:00pm and the park open daily without any day restriction.

Second, there are no gates or any rules which can restrict people to enter in the park during closing time, the city only asks visitors as well as local people that they respect the Park hours and only visit during the given hours.


Kerry Park
10 minutes from the Space Needle
Seattle, Washington, United states.
Kerry park is a small public park and it often crowded with people taking photo of Seattle skyline. In my view, If you want to see the best view of Seattle Skyline at any time, either its a day and night the Kerry park is the best location for this. And you know what it is Free to enter the park and enjoy the views.

What About Parking

Nowadays, find the parking is very tough task for everyone. Boom Their is a good news for you, Parking is generally very easy at Kerry park. You can easy park your vehicle on the street surrounding the Kerry park as well as on nearby streets.

In the Queen Anne neighborhood where the park is located, the parking is absolutely free. But if you are thinking to going Kerry park on a clear sunny day, or particularly for sunset, parking may be hard.

Nearby Accommodation

If you are locals then there is no need to stay nearby because you can easly reach Kerry park and enjoy the view and then go to their home. But if you need and you want stay nearby the park, then there are lots of options available surrounding Kerry park, mainly in the Queen Anne neighborhoods and uptown neighborhoods. Here is the list of best hotels, maybe it helps, Please check it out.

Nearest Airport

The very Closest airport of Kerry park is The Seattle-Tacoma international Airport.

The Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit: SUNSET
Visit time: 45 minutes to 1 hour
There are many friends of mine who already viewed and they always said that SUNSET is the best time to visit, the golden colour of Seattle skyline is stunning. I reached before the sunset begin and it was very beautiful, I cant explain in words. If you want to feel the same you must visit in person.

Additionally, your plan to visit Kerry park should minimum between 45 minutes to one hour. Remember its minimum, if you want to spend more hours or whole sunset then you can, its depends on person to person, how many pictures you want to take.

Please make sure, if you want to take many pictures and you want a specific spot for your Tripod, its probably better get there early.

Night view of the Seattle Skyline

The best view of the Seattle skyline is consider at sunset. But if you missed that time or you are that type of person who enjoy colourful lights , who enjoy the night time then you are not late. A night view is 100% worth it, you have enough time to enjoy till 10:00pm. And yes its safe as compare to other places, just enjoy.

Is Kerry Park worth a visit?

Kerry park provides extensive views of the Seattle city skyline, Elliott Bay, Space Needle, Mt. Rainier and the Olympics. In my opinion, there are no better place than Kerry Park in Seattle to take the city sighs. Its also a prefect location to snap that iconic Seattle photo.

The View Is Righteous, Either it’s a Day Or Night. It is a great place to watch the sunset and walking distance to many popular bars. One of the best skylines in my view! So beautiful. Yea, it’s crowded but full-on worth it, 1000%.

Nearby Attractions

If you are thinking that the view of Seattle skyline is the only attraction in Seattle, you are 50% write because many more attractions are there which is very close to Kerry park. Such as, North Cascades National Park , Space Needle, Pike Place Market and Molly Moon Ice Cream.

Space needle and Pike place market are only 15 minutes Drive from Kerry park and its worth it.

If you want to make your night perfect then you should first enjoy the sunset view at Kerry park then walk to a homemade ice cream parlor called Molly moon ice cream and treat yourself or each other with ice cream.

North Cascade National Park is a little bit far from Kerry Park around two hours drive north. But worth it because it has very beautiful lakes and many hiking options.


  • Can you go to Kerry Park at night?

    Yes, Kerry park view is great at night as well as safe, so you can go there at night. drunk or homeless people may meet you there but its upto you how you want to be safe.

  • What time of day is best to go to Kerry Park?

    Sunset is the best time to go to Kerry park, you can takes great pictures

  • What is Kerry Park known for?

    Kerry park is known for the most iconic views in town, you can enjoy the view of the Seattle skyline and amazing pictures.


In this article i shared with you the overview about the “Best View Of The Seattle Skyline” And i hope you liked it. My last few words are you should go to Kerry park and enjoy the view, collect many pictures you want and then come back here and write your experience in comment section.

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